img_6075coverWas happy to receive my copy of the Finish Illustrators magazine Kuvittaja today, with the 6 page spread in it of my work and an interview one of their nice writers (Heini) did with me a while back.

It’s a beautiful magazine and my drawings look pretty slick inside, if I don’t say so myself.

I don’t speak Finnish and there is no translation of the interview available that I know of, but I’ll assume it’s complimentary.
I think it’s safe to assume that the main title reads “Photo-realism pioneer”, which is pretty cool :)

Just finished this drawing, which is the first original I’ve created in a couple of months (been busy exhibiting). I used a combination of techniques and media. Details:
“Just a Kiss” – ballpoint pen, fine markers, spray paint, & acrylic on board.
60x43cm (unframed). SOLD.
Click the image above to enlarge. Below are a couple of work in progress photos of me drawing it.
The drawing is based off a photo Helmut Newton took in his Paris studio way back in 1974.

Next exhibition I have work in is this big group exhibition at London Westbank Gallery (Notting Hill).
Running form 8th December 2016 until 31st of January 2017. For more info click the image below to be redirected to event and RSVP info,14925389_1355827757761574_9070532165617043719_n

girl-with-prada-sunglasses-vermeer-graffiti“The Girl With The Prada Sunglasses (Hand Finished Urban Version)”.
106x80cm (inc frame).
Hand finished Giclee print on canvas. number 2 of 2.
Make contact here for more information.

I originally drew the image of “The Girl With The Pearl Earring” in ballpoint pen a few years ago for BIC (check out the video here). For this version I added a background digitally then printed it onto 400gsm canvas, added the Prada sunglasses in acrylic paint as well as the graffiti stuff in spray paints, markers, and squeezers. The first one only had the sunglasses painted on and sold in Ibiza this summer. This is the last and only one like this.

queen-in-the-hood-2-v-sml“Queen In The Hood 2″,
Ballpoint pen, paints, and collage on board,
60x45cm, SOLD.

Another one in the style of Grandly Grimey, and just like the one before it “Queen In The Hood”, this artwork is based on an early image of Queen Elizabeth II. I created it for a group show that’s just gone.

I’m enjoying creating artworks like this where it’s a cross between a sincere portrait and a stylised, abstracted, mash up of my designs, patterns, ‘branding’ bits etc.

I’ve entered it into the Royal Society of Portrait Painters open competition.

Expect to see more like this type of work from me in the future :)

queen-in-the-hood-smlOriginally created in ballpoint pen, markers, and paints on board. Based on a painting of Queen Elizabeth II by Pietro Annigoni (1954). Click image to enlarge.
“Queen In The Hood”,
Limited edition of only 25,
Giclee print on Fine Art Cotton 250gsm,
50x40cm, Numbered & signed.

Left: signing a couple of the prints. Right: drawing the original in ballpoint pen

Left: signing a couple of the prints. Right: drawing the original in ballpoint pen

In partnership with new clothing label Tailored Anarchy, we launched the Hepburn Gag T-shirt and sweatshirt at my solo exhibition Grandly Grimey. They are a limited edition 50. They come in a hand finished pizza box (see background in above right image), numbered & signed!

They come in 3 sizes (L, M, S).
At the promotional price of only £25.00 for the T-shirt & £35.00 for a sweatshirt (+P&P).
To order one, contact me here.

For more information on the original artwork Hepburn Gag, see this page here.

untitled-1I’ve updated my portfolio website, putting all the artworks I spent 8 months creating for my solo exhibition Grandly Grimey, where you can view them all on one page, check it out here.

Just got back from spending a week in New York for the opening of a big group show I had a bunch of artworks in called The London Ibiza Collective. Organized by artist Kimberley Thomas & Curator Danny Rose, 10 artists from London and the party island of Ibiza, showed our work at S Artspace Gallery, by Little Italy, Manhattan.web1As you can see above, the opening (6th October, 2016) was a busy event. 3 of my artworks on show are in the middle image above, a “Hepburn Gag” print, a new original drawing “McQueen & MacGraw”, and a “McQueen” special edition canvas print (now sold out). The funky eye painting is by renowned street artist My Dog Sighs, who was fun to hang out with out there, as were the rest of the LIC crew. Lots of late nights and great chats :)
Other artists involved were: Paul Mcgowan, Mason Storm, Kimberley Thomas, Victor Spinelli
Hjordis Fogelberg Jensen, Leigh Hammett, Anna Louise Anderson, Julio Neto, Czee 13

For more photos from the exhibition including artworks and from the opening click the image below.

gwpe-tube-poster-2-smlAbove is my artwork “The Girl With The Prada Sunglasses” displayed on the Southbound platform at Regents Park tube station, London. It’s up there advertising an upcoming group exhibition for
The image above has a long journey behind it getting to where it is. It all started back in 2010 when BIC (the manufacturers of the ballpoint pen I use) commissioned me to draw Vermeer’s “The Girl With The Pearl Earring” for a video to see how much ink is inside one of their pens. Below left is a still from that video. You can view the video on YouTube here. Fast forward 6 years and for my solo exhibition Grandly Grimey I decided to re visit it by printing it (both on canvas and archive paper) then painting a pair of Prada Sunglasses on her. This fits into the theme for Grandly Grimey in which I bring classical ideals into the more contemporary urban environment. I also adapted it to look like a Prada advert, the font for my name name beneath it, is in the same style as Prada adverts, this was also subverting commercials we see everyday. When people walk past my poster on the tube, do they see an advert for sunglasses or a classic painting looking a bit more hip? Either way, they have to walk past it. Regents Park is the tube station people get off for Frieze Art fair which has just come and gone ;)