Breakfast-At-Tiffanys,-Icon-Censored-SMLI’ve recently done this style of striking out the eyes of my subjects on prints from original drawings of mine, but this is the first time I’ve done it all in one original. Obviously I did it here to a very iconic image of Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast At Tiffanys”.
I made sure to photo-realistically draw her eyes properly in ballpoint as I usually do before then adding the strike through with permanent markers (see video below for the step by step process). So, what’s happening here is that I’m evolving from my ordinary ballpoint drawings of stars from the past with my own type of visual commentary on the subject.
By striking through the eyes (eyes denoting identity) I’m kind of censoring the image, or more specifically, I’m censoring the ‘iconicness’ of the image or the ‘famousness’ of the subject. She’s a star, she’s a celebrity – but I’m kind of sick of how our society values fame and celebrity of the superficial type so highly. Of course she was a talented actor, a beautiful person inside and out, she was also a philanthropist and mother. I’m a fan. I don’t believe however that people should aspire so hard to reach this iconic status she achieved just to be famous. We know people do, especially in today’s culture where everyone wants to be famous. Selfies are somehow cool, and if your not a narcissist you’re not relevant. That’s what I’m addressing with this artwork and the series as a whole. More after video below…

As you can see in the video once I strike out the eyes in White I add my JRM tag (JRM = James R Mylne). So I replace her identity with mine – but only temporarily as I then strike through mine also. This is kind of acknowledging that I am not necessarily any better than the people I feel are misguided by mindlessly aiming for superficial fame. An artwork isn’t necessarily a statement of an enlightened position, it’s evidence of an artist visually working through issues they find interesting… everything is a process.
“Breakfast At Tiffanys, Iconic Censorship”,
Ballpoint pen, marker, & spray paint on card,
30x30cm (unframed) – 58x58cm (framed size)

9th Banner Final
I have a couple new artworks (part of my “On Lux Bag” series) that will be exhibited in The Underdog Gallery’s upcoming group exhibition for their relaunch. Opening eveing is 9th February. You can find the event on Facebook here.

Just finished this commission. “A Tear For The Congo”, Ballpoint pen, markers, paints on board.
The Belgian client saw my recent drawing of Donald Trump (“A Crying Shame”) and wanted to have something similar done of his country’s king from the past – King Leopold 2nd.
The coloring of the tear I painted coming from King Leopold here is the national flag of the Congo. Leopold did some awful things in the Congo whilst trying to colonize it in the 1890s. It is thought that up to TEN million people died in the Congo under him and his regime. My Belgian client thought it proper to have something done of him that remembers these atrocities.

s1With the great help of Fine Arts London, I was able to exhibit a whole lot of new artwork at the cool & well located offices of property company Montagu Evans.
I exhibited about 23 artworks (mostly originals) along side some amazing large works by acclaimed photographer Derrek Santini.
The private view was on the 29th November. You can view photos from the opening evening here.
As well as art, drinks, and music, we were treated to an interesting talk by Lawerence O’Hana (former gallery owner, Lawrence O’Hana is involved in strategic consulting related to the arts) on the art market and it’s relationship with property (middle image below).
The opening was a great success and we are planning our next one with Montagu Evans soon (which we intend to be bigger, hopefully taking advantage of some of their more interesting properties). There was a great mix of people which is what I always love to have at my shows.

Audrey_BG-GOLD-smlA few years ago I sold out of an edition of 100 prints of my artwork “Audrey”.
I’ve decided to do a special edition of only 10 prints of “Audrey” but with a Gold gradient background and at a slightly larger size.
“Audrey Gold”,
Special edition of only 10,
80 x 60cm, Giclee print on 250gsm Fine Cotton,
Numbered & signed.

Helmet 4 UP
drawing-star-wars-stormtrooper-helmet-ballpoint-penSo I’ve been busy over the last couple of months working on this stormtrooper helmet in ballpoint pen and markers. I covered it on Georgian, Baroque, and Rococo styled designs. In line with my Grandly Grimey series.

‘Baroque and Roll’  2017
Resin cast stormtrooper helmet, ballpoint pen and markers.
320 x 320 x 330 mm
Unique, Signed on interior.

It’s all for the next ART WARS exhibition. There will be 2 shows in fact, firstly in Miami followed by Los Angeles, coinciding with the release of the new Star Wars film.
My helmet will be exhibited alongside a collection of other helmets by some big names such as Goldie, Blek Le Rat, Mr Jago and more. See after show flyer below for full information on the exhibition & artists etc.

Art Wars_E_Flyer_Full List sml
This December Art Wars travels to Miami and Los Angeles to unveil artworks by some of today’s most
forward thinking and ground breaking artists who have put their own artistic twist and trade mark style on the most iconic object in science fiction – The Stormtrooper helmet.
To coincide with the highly anticipated Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’, the forthcoming edition of stormtrooper helmets promises to be the most cutting edge so far and welcomes a new breed of modern and popular artist.
Artists include Joana Vssconcelos, Philip Colbert, Ben Eine, Chemical X, Daniel Lismore, Reeps One and Blek Le Rat.

‘Art Wars’ will exhibit at the Red Dot Art Fair 6 -9 December, as part of Miami Art Week and then travel to
Los Angeles where the helmet series will go on show at Sur Le Mur Gallery opening on 14th December to
coincide with the Star Wars film release.
Art curator and founder of Art Below, Ben Moore set up Art Wars to raise funds and awareness for his brother
Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 18.08.08
Tom who went missing in 2003. Opening with a debut show at Saatchi Gallery in 2013, Art Wars has
continued to grow and has traveled to Sweden, Dubai, and Los Angeles attracting support from artists
including Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor, Chapman Brothers, Yina Shonibare and D*Face.
The initiative has raised over £200,000 for the Missing People Charity and Missing Tom Fund and Tom
Moore’s family are now closer to finding Tom than ever before.
ART WARS – Twitter
ART WARS – Facebook
ART WARS – Instagram

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 15.52.17Popular Instagram art account Taxcollection posted my recently finished artwork “Audrey Swears On Chanel”, quite stoked to see it now has almost 10,000 likes including, Paris Jackson even apparently.
In the comments I noticed a few people thought is was some kind of advertising, or that the idea was to celebrate the Chanel brand somehow – this is not the case. The opposite in fact:

Effectively this series is Brandalism. Some of these drawings on designer gift bags are exploring a type of anti-consumerism or anti-capitalism, others are juxtaposing sub cultural references within the luxury lifestyle frame of reference almost as a middle finger to high street branding & advertising of fake lifestyle clichés.

Last week was the opening of ING Discerning Eye group exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London. The impressive gallery space in between Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace hosted a massive group exhibition. The show was organized by 5 separate curators who selected their own artists and artworks to exhibit. I was selected by street artist Elmo Hood, my artwork shown was “Psycho On Chanel”, one of my On Lux Bag series pieces. The opening was PACKED (see below).