I will be exhibiting four new originals (see below images) at the Buy Art Fair in Manchester in association with Leon Martyn who will have two stands (stand 235 & 120). The fair runs from 27th – 29th October.
Please see, after artworks below, for the description of the stands, the other artists and associated projects he will be undertaking over the weekend.
t4t“Rise Above”,
Ballpoint pen, spray paint, markers & crayons on card
30x30cm (unframed size)
t3t“Drive Vibe 53″,
Ballpoint pen & spray paint on card
30x30cm (unframed size)
t2t“Tired of Playing”,
Ballpoint pen & spray paint on card
30x30cm (unframed size)
t1t“Tears of Liberty”,
Ballpoint pens & spray paint on card
30x30cm (unframed size)
For prices of above artworks send a message here.

LEON MARTYN (stand 235)
Leon Martyn is an art consultancy based in Manchester providing a personalised service to clients looking to start, add to and manage their collections. We work in direct collaboration with a broad range of top contemporary artists and studios – works will be available at the fair by James Mylne, David Bray, Matt Small, Pryce Lee, Word to Mother, Ben Eine, The Connor Brothers and Paul Stephenson.

We will also be screening a documentary at 4pm on the Saturday (28th) following the reuse of Andy Warhol’s original acetates to create new ‘Posthumous’ paintings, as described by Rainer Crone (leading Warhol academic). The new paintings will be available to purchase on the stand afterwards.

PAPA’S PRINT SHOP (stand 120)
Papa’s Print Shop is a subsidiary of Leon Martyn’s consultancy with a particular focus on prints; working in direct collaboration with artists to produce and release limited edition prints alongside acquired modern and contemporary pieces.

At the Buy Art Fair we will be releasing a brand new Ben Eine ‘Manchester’ print with 10% of proceeds going to the Mustard Tree homeless charity. Alongside new limited edition prints by The Connor Brothers and Paul Stephenson as well as showing pieces by renowned artists such as Banksy, Gormley, Hepworth, Hodgkin, KAWS, Levine and Lowry.

In collaboration with Ben Eine The Print Shop will also be spilling out on to the streets so keep an eye out for further details!

Check out Leon’s Instagram (@leonmartyn) and Leon Martyn and Papa’s Print Shop stand pages for further updates.

A little while back I drew an eagle tearing up a Nazi flag on a Hugo Boss bag (couple pics below). Well, recently a company called 1 World Vogue Apparel Canada took the anti fascist/anti fashion drawing and printed it onto a limited edition of of only 20 T-shirts. You can order
one from them online here.
Female model above: @miloticbeauty_T-shirt-details-3-images

james-mylne-art-donald-trump-london-tubeFor the month of October, 2 artworks of mine are up as large posters on the platforms of Regent’s Park tube station (London). Regent’s park because this is the station used by the people who come from all over the world to attend the internationally recognized Frieze Art Fair (4th – 8th October).
Above is me being smug next to the bigger of the 2 posters, of my artwork “A Crying Shame”, which I completed recently, more info on the artwork here.
Below right is the other poster, of my artwork “Marie Anne-Twist”, the version on the poster though is of one of the hand finished prints i released a limited edition of (each one is different, only 5 left!, you can order one here). Below left is one of them framed on exhibition currently with ArtBelow.org.uk who organized BOTH the art posters & the exhibition.Marie-Anne-Twist-HF-poster-on-tube-&-print-framed

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 21.38.54Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 21.39.11A new Contemporary art gallery, called Helix Gallery, is opening next week in Sheffield, England, and I’m proud to be among the great artists in their opening roster such as Nick Smith & Dale Grimshaw.
Their opening night is 5th October.

Helix Gallery will be bringing some great urban and contemporary art to Sheffield, displaying art from several artists at a time for the time being and then moving into single artist shows in 2018. Helix Gallery is owned and managed by Craig Mills, former partner in the much loved and missed Signal Gallery which was located in Hoxton, London.

This week is the one year anniversary for my last solo exhibition Grandly Grimey at Westbank Gallery, Notting Hill, London. It was the biggest exhibition I’ve done to date. This video is from the opening evening. More info on the exhibition here.

This is a ballpoint drawing of mine on another used Chanel gift bag (part of my on going “On Lux Bag” series), this time of Audrey Hepburn giving the middle finger. I’ve taken the photo of it here sitting upright in front of another artwork I’m working on currently.
“Audrey Swears on Chanel”
23x18cm (unframed size), 2017

Crying Shame (SML)drawing-donald-trump-shame-cryingVery rarely do I get political with my work but this guy had it coming.
I think it speaks for itself.
I created it in ballpoint pens & spray paint (for the background) on paper. Couple work in progress photos left, click to enlarge.

40x30cm (unframed). 2017. Sold.

Kovats-visit-InterviewDavid Kovats used to work in valuations at Sothebys, he is now an independent an art advisor. He got in touch with me through Instagram and was interested in talking about the “on Lux Bag” artworks I was doing. David also has a vlog and wanted to feature my artwork in one of his videos so he flew over from Budapest to film me working on my new series and see my current exhibition here in London.
The video is really well edited I think. Check it out below:

Fresh In Gres 2 SMLFresh-In-Gres-2-WIP-1Another for the Vintage Vogue series.

I worked from a photo taken by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, one of the first professional female photographers, taken in 1953 in Tunisia.

“Fresh In Gres 2″,
Ballpoint pen, acrylic pen, and spray paint on card,
45x35cm (unframed size).

The link between desire and suffering is one of the main tenets in Buddhism.
So we should react more in horror to these luxury brands and their marketing than with covetous lusting.

“Psycho On Chanel”
Ballpoint pen & marker on Chanel gift bag,
Part of the “On Lux Bags” series.
23x18cm (unframed size).

“Your lust for luxury brands like @CHANEL could be responsible for sending your pretty face to hell…”