Exhibiting some work in a group show including my new “Hepburn Gag” lightbox (see here) at my local gallery in Battersea from 20th April – 20th May, opening evening on Friday the 20th April. Welcome to all. unnamed(2)

We are excited to announce the preview of our first group show this year. “Reflections” is scheduled to open on Friday 20th April in Battersea, London. The show features the paintings of; Adjani OKPU-EGBE, Christian FURR in collaboration with Photographer, Gered MANKOWITZ, James MYLNE and the sculptures of Emma Elliott and Gary MARCH. Looking forward to welcoming you.

Preview: Fri 20th April, 18:00hrs – 21:00hrs
Location: Johnson’s Gallery, 58 Battersea Bridge Road, London, SW11 3AG
Duration: 20th April – 20th May.

Audrey's-Close-Up-SMLwebQuite a large new drawing just completed. This is a close up drawing of Audrey Hepburn at a resolution & clarity you won’t find on any photos of her. I had to interpolate a lot of the shading from an old photograph to get this clarity. Over 3 weeks work at almost 100 hours. Very happy with the result.
Photo of it framed & work in progress photo below. Details:
“Audrey’s Close Up”,
Ballpoint pen, markers, and spray paint on card,
54x40cm – 75x65cm (framed)
Available to purchase, use the contact page here for price.

This is the final version of my “Hepburn Gag” artwork. A High spec LED lightbox, limited to 15.
Created in this unique Polaroid format in collaboration with Litehouse Europe.
The LED lightbox is illuminated with UK made LED Light Panel using patented V Groove technology for an entirely even illumination.
dimensions: 72.5m x 88cm x 2.5cm
To order one or for more information use the contact page here.
The original artwork drawn on paper in Bic ballpoint pen by James Mylne. Play the video below for up close footage and for a brief history of the artwork.

Eyes-Wide-Shut-HFGold-1of5-framed-MAINDecided to do 5 hand finished prints with Gold background of my ‘Ziggy Queen’ drawing “Eyes Wide Shut”.
They are hand finished with ballpoint pen (floral design in background) and Krink ink (heart), each one done slightly differently. Detail below.
Above is number 1/5 in repainted antique frame.
“Eyes Wide Shut, Hand Finished”
Limited to 5
Giclee print on Fine Art Cotton
numbered & signed, 55x35cm (unframed size)
ONLY 1 left (currently NFS)

GWPS-LB-mixI’m very proud to introduce this new high end artwork of mine.
“The Girl With The Prada Sunglasses”, LED LIghtbox.
I worked with the world leader in bespoke lightboxes to create this one of kind artwork. Only 7 of these are available. See the video below to see the journey it took from a ballpoint drawing of mine (that received a lot of media attention when it was originally done) through 2 separate hand finished versions on paper and canvas to this final rendition.

Height: 114cm | Width: 78cm | Depth: 2.5cm
Special edition of 7, signed & numbered.
For inquiries to purchase one please contact me here.

Simone-Surfer-MEDJust finished this artwork commissioned by someone who loves the ocean and waves. I’ve drawn water before but never rough water, so I was excited about doing this. Drawing the water actually isn’t that hard, as there isn’t that much that can go wrong, but it really does take time, I thought this would take 2 weeks, it was more like 3 weeks.
Drawing such a tiny person (the surfer, see below) at this scale was difficult as one false move with the pen and his eyes have permanently gone. Came out well though thankfully.

Bunny-Monroe-HF-1of10-SMLThis is a hand finished print of my ballpoint drawing “Bunny Monroe”.
After the original sold I released a limited edition print of the drawing as a Giclee print (edition of 35, £250, these are still available, more info here.
Now, in line with my new approach to some of my artworks of striking out the eyes (it’s about censoring celebrity) I am doing a special edition of 10, hand finished ones – each one is done in the same way as this one (above) but each is slightly different, you can choose a heart colour even… You can order one at end of this post. Some photos of me hand finishing this one below.
4 wide WIP SML
Bunny Monroe, Hand finished version″,
Special edition of only 10,
70 x 55cm, Giclee print on 250gsm Fine Cotton, Numbered & signed.
£450.00, use PayPal button below.
Dispatched using next day signed for delivery with tracking (UK only, international deliveries about 1 week).


For bored broke kids with a score to settle
Ballpoint and marker drawing on Chanel gift bag. Pink hearts in Krink ink. Part of my “On lux Bag” series.
ballpoint pen, markers, and krink ink on Chanel gift bag,
23x18cm (unframed size)
Obviously this is working on the juxtaposition of the feminist protest group Pussy Riot on a luxury brand like Christian Dior’s gift bag. The rough surface texture of the bag gives it an interesting effect with the ballpoint shading.
“J’adore Pussy Riot”
Ballpoint pens, markers, and Krink ink on Dior gift bag,
34x24cm (unframed size),56x46cm (framed size)

Breakfast-At-Tiffanys,-Icon-Censored-SMLI’ve recently done this style of striking out the eyes of my subjects on prints from original drawings of mine, but this is the first time I’ve done it all in one original. Obviously I did it here to a very iconic image of Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast At Tiffanys”.
I made sure to photo-realistically draw her eyes properly in ballpoint as I usually do before then adding the strike through with permanent markers (see video below for the step by step process). So, what’s happening here is that I’m evolving from my ordinary ballpoint drawings of stars from the past with my own type of visual commentary on the subject.
By striking through the eyes (eyes denoting identity) I’m kind of censoring the image, or more specifically, I’m censoring the ‘iconicness’ of the image or the ‘famousness’ of the subject. She’s a star, she’s a celebrity – but I’m kind of sick of how our society values fame and celebrity of the superficial type so highly. Of course she was a talented actor, a beautiful person inside and out, she was also a philanthropist and mother. I’m a fan. I don’t believe however that people should aspire so hard to reach this iconic status she achieved just to be famous. We know people do, especially in today’s culture where everyone wants to be famous. Selfies are somehow cool, and if your not a narcissist you’re not relevant. That’s what I’m addressing with this artwork and the series as a whole. More after video below…

As you can see in the video once I strike out the eyes in White I add my JRM tag (JRM = James R Mylne). So I replace her identity with mine – but only temporarily as I then strike through mine also. This is kind of acknowledging that I am not necessarily any better than the people I feel are misguided by mindlessly aiming for superficial fame. An artwork isn’t necessarily a statement of an enlightened position, it’s evidence of an artist visually working through issues they find interesting… everything is a process.
“Breakfast At Tiffanys, Iconic Censorship”,
Ballpoint pen, marker, & spray paint on card,
30x30cm (unframed) – 58x58cm (framed size)