I have some work in a big group exhibition opening Thursday at The Truman Brewery in East London. Celebrating 10 years of Art Below. For more information see Art Below’s page here.
Venue Address: The Old Truman Brewery, Ely’s Yard, Hanbury Street, London, E1 6QR
Private View: 27th October, 6-9pm, By invitation only
Opening Hours: Friday 11am – 6pm, Saturday 11am – 6pm, Sunday 10am – 5pm
For latest news and updates go to: www.facebook.com/artbel0w
For any information including press and sales enquiries please contact: info@artbelow.org.uk

In partnership with new clothing label Tailored Anarchy, we launched the Hepburn Gag T-shirt and sweatshirt at my solo exhibition Grandly Grimey. They are a limited edition 50. They come in a hand finished pizza box (see background in above right image), numbered & signed!

They come in 3 sizes (L, M, S).
At the promotional price of only £25.00 for the T-shirt & £35.00 for a sweatshirt (+P&P).
To order one, contact me here.

For more information on the original artwork Hepburn Gag, see this page here.

untitled-1I’ve updated my portfolio website, putting all the artworks I spent 8 months creating for my solo exhibition Grandly Grimey, where you can view them all on one page, check it out here.

Just got back from spending a week in New York for the opening of a big group show I had a bunch of artworks in called The London Ibiza Collective. Organized by artist Kimberley Thomas & Curator Danny Rose, 10 artists from London and the party island of Ibiza, showed our work at S Artspace Gallery, by Little Italy, Manhattan.web1As you can see above, the opening (6th October, 2016) was a busy event. 3 of my artworks on show are in the middle image above, a “Hepburn Gag” print, a new original drawing “McQueen & MacGraw”, and a “McQueen” special edition canvas print (now sold out). The funky eye painting is by renowned street artist My Dog Sighs, who was fun to hang out with out there, as were the rest of the LIC crew. Lots of late nights and great chats :)
Other artists involved were: Paul Mcgowan, Mason Storm, Kimberley Thomas, Victor Spinelli
Hjordis Fogelberg Jensen, Leigh Hammett, Anna Louise Anderson, Julio Neto, Czee 13

For more photos from the exhibition including artworks and from the opening click the image below.

gwpe-tube-poster-2-smlAbove is my artwork “The Girl With The Prada Sunglasses” displayed on the Southbound platform at Regents Park tube station, London. It’s up there advertising an upcoming group exhibition for ArtBelow.org.uk.
The image above has a long journey behind it getting to where it is. It all started back in 2010 when BIC (the manufacturers of the ballpoint pen I use) commissioned me to draw Vermeer’s “The Girl With The Pearl Earring” for a video to see how much ink is inside one of their pens. Below left is a still from that video. You can view the video on YouTube here. Fast forward 6 years and for my solo exhibition Grandly Grimey I decided to re visit it by printing it (both on canvas and archive paper) then painting a pair of Prada Sunglasses on her. This fits into the theme for Grandly Grimey in which I bring classical ideals into the more contemporary urban environment. I also adapted it to look like a Prada advert, the font for my name name beneath it, is in the same style as Prada adverts, this was also subverting commercials we see everyday. When people walk past my poster on the tube, do they see an advert for sunglasses or a classic painting looking a bit more hip? Either way, they have to walk past it. Regents Park is the tube station people get off for Frieze Art fair which has just come and gone ;)


My biggest solo exhibition to date “Grandly Grimey” had it’s opening on Thursday, 22nd September at Westbank Gallery, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London, W10 5XL
For photos from the opening party see this FB album here.

The artworks I exhibited worked to recontextualize classical ideas of power that were once portrayed through artistic movements such as Rococo into today’s urban counterculture.
I’m worked to subtly subvert these old elitist styles of beauty, not to dis respect or dishonour them, but to bring them into the contemporary landscape where anti establishment feelings are the new à la mode.’

  • There were over 20 artworks on show, the most unseen pieces I have ever exhibited.
  • Other than 2D work on paper, I also have caps, chairs, cushions, and clothes exhibiting
  • A new series of hand-finished limited edition prints were launched to coincide with the show, which you can still order here.
  • See one of the main artworks created from beginning to end on YouTube here.
  • Westbank Gallery is a new, huge exhibition space along with its own bar, kitchen, sitting area and balcony. The capacity is about 400 people & we aim to make full use of this!
  • Westbank Gallery is located by Portobello market, in between Ladbroke Grove & Portobello rd. More info here.
  • For a little more info on the background for this exhibition you can read this interview I recently did with ArtJobs.com here. The exhibition was even mentioned in Grazia magazine recently, see here.

artworks collage title

Coinciding with the opening of Grandly Grimey, I’ve released this special edition print:
“Marie Anne-Twist”
Hand finished Giclee print (hand finished in mixed media) on Somerset paper
Limited edition of 15, 43 x 34cm, numbered & signed, £450.00

As you can see below each one starts with nothing but a gray background, after I layer a mask over the subject I then apply hand finishing with spray paint, markers, crayons, pens, and acrylic etc on the inside edges around her image. Naturally each one of the 15 is a bit different.
If you would like to purchase one of the 15 contact me here.
The last one in the image series above shows number 1/15 framed & on show at Grandly Grimey exhibition opening.
The original drawing is sold. The prints are a bit bigger than the original drawing, created in ballpoint pens, which you can watch the creation of below:

James mylne artist in grazia magazine photoSo last week Grazia Magazine featured me in their notorious Chart of Lust page as a “New In” mentioning my up coming exhibition Grandly Grimey and my impressive brain power lol.

Couple of interviews in the run up to my solo exhibition linked below.
The first one is more serious and about the work for my show Grandly Grimey. The second is a bit more fun and personal.
Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 22.25.41Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 22.25.28

Ziggy Queenie SMALLZiggy Queeniw wip2 crop
“Eyes Wide Shut”,
Ballpoint pen, crayon, spray paint on card,
42x32cm (unframed), 2016, SOLD.
I created this drawing (based on a photo taken by Chris Levine, and inspired by a stencil by Incwel) for a group exhibition celebrating The Queen’s 90th birthday. It also pays homage to the year’s passing of British pop legend David Bowie.
The original is sold but limited edition prints are available to order here.
E Standard press sml
It went into a group exhibition called “Queen Themed” curated by Ben Moore from Art Below. Right is a photo of the article about the show the Evening Standard newspaper did. It mentions this artwork: “James Mylne’s Eyes Wide Shut, which shows her complete with the lightning flash across her face that Bowie sported on the front of his Aladdin Sane album…“.
Also below is a video that aired on London Live about the show.
It exhibited alongside artworks done by other artists including Gavin Turk, Mr.Brainwash, Goldie MBE, Carne Griffiths, Keith Haynes, Trust Icon, Scarlett Raven, Ernesto Romano, James Vaulkhard, Nettie Wakefield, Nasser Azam, Francis Akpala, Richard Colson, Luciana Giobellina.