More info on the exhibition here.

Couple of interviews in the run up to my solo exhibition linked below.
The first one is more serious and about the work for my show Grandly Grimey. The second is a bit more fun and personal.
Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 22.25.41Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 22.25.28

Ziggy Queenie SMALLZiggy Queeniw wip2 crop
“Eyes Wide Shut”,
Ballpoint pen, crayon, spray paint on card,
42x32cm (unframed), 2016, SOLD.
I created this drawing (based on a photo taken by Chris Levine) for a group exhibition celebrating The Queen’s 90th birthday. It also pays homage to the year’s passing of British pop legend David Bowie.
The original is sold but limited edition prints are available to order here.
E Standard press sml
It went into a group exhibition called “Queen Themed” curated by Ben Moore from Art Below. Right is a photo of the article about the show the Evening Standard newspaper did. It mentions this artwork: “James Mylne’s Eyes Wide Shut, which shows her complete with the lightning flash across her face that Bowie sported on the front of his Aladdin Sane album…“.
Also below is a video that aired on London Live about the show.
It exhibited alongside artworks done by other artists including Gavin Turk, Mr.Brainwash, Goldie MBE, Carne Griffiths, Keith Haynes, Trust Icon, Scarlett Raven, Ernesto Romano, James Vaulkhard, Nettie Wakefield, Nasser Azam, Francis Akpala, Richard Colson, Luciana Giobellina.

James Mylne art Groucho Olumide gallery gettyOlumide Gallery had their soft launch and exhibition last Friday at Groucho members club, London.
They have a cool roster of artists including Schoony, Nick Walker, Lauren Baker, Inkie, Elmo Hood, Ben Moore.

I was lucky to be asked to exhibit an artwork with them (left, me next to “Samsara In The City“), and hope to show work with them again in the future.

I was commissioned to create an original artwork very similar to my young Queen on £10 note artwork “£QE10″ except to put Pablo Escobar on a Colombian banknote. Below you can view the video of me creating the artwork.

It’s a two layer artwork (part of my Torn Series artworks) with the first layer being the ballpoint drawing on paper then the torn out enlarged banknote on top.
Pablo Escobar Colombian bank note
It’s quite a big artwork for me at 77x60cm unframed and took about 6 weeks.

Eyes Wide Shut elizabeth england bowie
For information on the original artwork see here. Print details:
“Eyes Wide Shut”,
Limited edition of 50,
Giclee print on Fine Art Cotton 250gsm,
50x40cm, Numbered & signed.
Use Paypal after below image to order one.Eyes Wide SHut framed @Queen Themed

Prints dispatched by Special Delivery with tracking.

Recently provided a set of my special edition prints to help decorate a nice new flat in a very smart part of town. Photos below.01
Even created a new hand finished print for the client (“Twiggy”, above left). There are 3 in the special edition, more info here.
Below is “Audrey Widnow” & “KM199X”, Large, more info on that one here.002
And below here is one of the hand finished “Coco Chanel” canvas prints, more info on those here.03

Extremely excited to announce this solo exhibition; “Grandly Grimey“!

My first solo exhibition with a gallery since 2012, this will be my biggest yet.
Grandly Grimey will be on show at Westbank Gallery, London, opening on 22nd September 2016.

‘The artworks I’ll be showing work to recontextualize classical ideas of power that were once portrayed through artistic movements such as Rococo into today’s urban counterculture.
I’m working to subtly subvert these old elitist styles of beauty, not to dis respect or dishonour them, but to bring them into the contemporary landscape where anti establishment feelings are the new à la mode.’

Checkout the short teaser video for the exhibition at the end of this post.

You can add yourself to The Facebook Event Page here

  • I aim to have between 15 – 20 artworks created for the exhibition on show, the most unseen pieces I have ever had in one place by far. Luckily, I started work for this back in February.
  • Expect more than just 2D artworks on paper & canvas.
  • A new series of hand-finished limited edition prints will be launched to coincide with the show.
  • On this occasion, the gallery will be transformed into a Grandly Grimey Georgian-inspired den of iniquity
  • Westbank Gallery is a new, huge exhibition space along with its own bar, kitchen, sitting area and balcony. The capacity is about 400 people & we aim to make full use of this!
  • Westbank Gallery is located by Portobello market, in between Ladbroke Grove & Portobello rd. More info here.
  • For a little more info on the background for this exhibition you can read this interview I recently did with here. Look out for more interviews & features soon.

Video of me drawing with Micron Fine marker in my left hand and drawing with ballpoint pen in my right hand at the same time.

I’m kind of messing about here but I do often use my left hand on easier areas when my right one is tired. Using 2 is almost feasible but not on a long timescale or maybe i just need to practice more.
Below are a couple photos from the same artwork in progress.
drawing in pen ink

bcoco chanel canvas print at Mix 3 group show
MIX3 is a group exhibition on show at Underdog Gallery, running until April 3rd (2016).

The opening night was 17th March ad attracted a big crowd as the group shows tend to, at the gallery. I heard that about 500 people came altogether!

I have 3 canvas prints in the exhibition showing along side many great artists, (full artists roster below).
Left is one of my hand finished “Coco Chanel” canvas prints hanging in good company, surrounded by Banksy and Shepard Fairey artworks. Click to enlarge.

Banksy – Shepard Fairey – Antony Micallef – Matty Small – Does – Eelus – Mason Storm – Raven Armoury – Trust. iCON – Dolk – Lora Zombie – Daisuke Sakaguchi – Mr Feeney – Jim Vision – James Mylne – Sally Kendall – Daniel Fisher – Charlie Mcfarley – Harper Deyong – Daniel Mernagh – Nicolas Ruston – Paul Wood – Michael Tate – Wreckage International – Nathan Bowen – David Williamson – Arturo Garcia De Las Heras and Miles Khan