“The Girl With The Prada Sunglasses” – On The Tube

Thursday , 13, October 2016 Leave a comment

gwpe-tube-poster-2-smlAbove is my artwork “The Girl With The Prada Sunglasses” displayed on the Southbound platform at Regents Park tube station, London. It’s up there advertising an upcoming group exhibition for ArtBelow.org.uk.
The image above has a long journey behind it getting to where it is. It all started back in 2010 when BIC (the manufacturers of the ballpoint pen I use) commissioned me to draw Vermeer’s “The Girl With The Pearl Earring” for a video to see how much ink is inside one of their pens. Below left is a still from that video. You can view the video on YouTube here. Fast forward 6 years and for my solo exhibition Grandly Grimey I decided to re visit it by printing it (both on canvas and archive paper) then painting a pair of Prada Sunglasses on her. This fits into the theme for Grandly Grimey in which I bring classical ideals into the more contemporary urban environment. I also adapted it to look like a Prada advert, the font for my name name beneath it, is in the same style as Prada adverts, this was also subverting commercials we see everyday. When people walk past my poster on the tube, do they see an advert for sunglasses or a classic painting looking a bit more hip? Either way, they have to walk past it. Regents Park is the tube station people get off for Frieze Art fair which has just come and gone ;)

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