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This is a ballpoint drawing of mine on another used Chanel gift bag (part of my on going “On Lux Bag” series), this time of Audrey Hepburn giving the middle finger. I’ve taken the photo of it here sitting upright in front of another artwork I’m working on currently. “Audrey Swears on Chanel” 23x18cm (unframed […]

This drawing is a bit of a return to my Vintage Vogue series. I worked from a photo taken by Louise Dahl-Wolfe in Tunisia, 1950. “Fresh In Gres”, Ballpoint pen, marker, & spray paints on card 35x31cm (unframed). 2017. SOLD.

My biggest solo exhibition to date “Grandly Grimey” had it’s opening on Thursday, 22nd September at Westbank Gallery, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London, W10 5XL For photos from the opening party see this FB album here. The artworks I exhibited worked to recontextualize classical ideas of power that were once portrayed through artistic movements such as Rococo […]

Just finished this original artwork. I was commissioned to do something small but along the lines of my Desktop Series, with a couple other subtle pointers. Very happy with the result. “JRM Desktop 7.5″, ballpoint pens, pencil, markers, spray paints, and acrylic paint on card. 24x20cm, 2016, SOLD. I enjoy this organic mash up, mixed […]

This Coco Chanel artwork (originally from the Vintage Vogue series) is a Giclee print on stretched canvas, hand finished with a pink heart (applied in Krink ink). The canvas edition is limited to only 5. The artwork is 55x65cm including thin white wooden frame. Numbered & signed. SOLD OUT. Delivery and/or collection only in the […]

Bit of a playful, experimental hand finishing work. Hand finished “Coco Chanel” Giclee print. Hand finished in Krink ink (Pink hearts) and spray paint (logo). AP3/4, signed. 54x42cm, (framed). 45x34cm (unframed). For sale – SOLD OUT.

This is a commission I did for Brush For A Brush campaign of bill Murray. Ballpoint pen (face, hands, and guitar) gouache paint (hat, suit, and tie) and spray paints (background and quote text). 80x60cm unframed. Below is video showing the work in progress and detail for it.

Above: some photos showing the ballpoint drawing work in progress. Below: “Corporatocracy”. 32x24cm (unframed). Ballpoint pen & paint on paper. Sold. More info after image. This is my first ever politically inspired artwork. Here, fashion model, Cara Delevingne has suddenly been struck by an ‘info bomb’. “Who are @anonymous & WTF … even is a […]

Left is a proof of concept artwork (done last year), different to the kind of artwork I am known for, and I think may be the only/first time artwork of this ‘style’ has been done! Ever! It’s based on an earlier, similar artwork I did for the Bill Wyman exhibition at Rook & Raven gallery […]

“Hepburn gag” This artwork is one of my photo realistic drawings done in black and red ballpoint pens (BIC Biros). The top image shows three photos of me creating it. I’ve had a lot of mixed reactions to this artwork. It’s a departure from the kind of drawings I’ve done before of Audrey Hepburn so […]