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My biggest solo exhibition to date “Grandly Grimey” had it’s opening on Thursday, 22nd September at Westbank Gallery, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London, W10 5XL For photos from the opening party see this FB album here. The artworks I exhibited worked to recontextualize classical ideas of power that were once portrayed through artistic movements such as Rococo […]

“Untitled Painting 1″. Collage and paints on canvas. 120x100cm. I used to mainly work on canvas many years ago until I really got into my ballpoint fine drawings. I let myself play around on one again with this artwork. I started by applying a Giclee print from a ballpoint drawing I did from a photo […]

Below is the full artwork “Samsara & The City”. 85x60cm. Pen & paints on card. SOLD I created this over the course of 11 weeks (total of 178 hours) 10 weeks of that was drawing the city in ballpoint pen and fine marker. The 2nd longest I’ve spent on a work ever but also the […]

“Return Fire”. Ballpoint pen, markers, & spray paint on paper. 99x75cm (unframed). 2015. Sold. Frame 1/3: ‘Anonymous‘ rebel in X-wing cockpit. Frame 2/3: Anon rebel X-wings in formation. Frame 3/3: Canary Wharf, the UK’s concentration of investment banks. The artwork took about 4 weeks to complete however unlike much of my work photo realistic rendering […]

Below is a new artwork I’ve been working on & off on for a while now (in between drawings). It’s more painting than my usual work, part of my Desktop Series. More info after image. I did quite a lot of painting (for me) on this one. The figure in the center is a woman […]

“Conceptualism”, Ballpoint pen, spray paint, and gouache paint on paper, 52x33cm (unframed), 2014. New original artwork. Audrey Hepburn is drawn in ballpoint pen and cartoon birdies painted in gouache paint, with spray painted background. First bird: “What is she trying to find out anyway?” Second bird: “If Conceptualism is real life or just make believe”. […]

“Master The Art” (2013), Ballpoint pen, paint pens, spray paint, krink ink on archive paper, 117 x 76cm (inc frame). This is a new artwork. The second largest original artwork I have ever produced. I did it in a slightly different way to how I have created most of my artworks. While there is a […]

Did this; spur of the moment style. This is Ol’ Dirty Bastard (RIP) from legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan “ODB”, Ballpoint pen, spray paint, paint pen, and Krink Ink, 2013, 36x25cm (unframed), 64x49cm (framed), framed in white wooden frame with black inner slip & mounted (ink on mount added by me). This is currently available. […]

“Hepburn gag” This artwork is one of my photo realistic drawings done in black and red ballpoint pens (BIC Biros). The top image shows three photos of me creating it. I’ve had a lot of mixed reactions to this artwork. It’s a departure from the kind of drawings I’ve done before of Audrey Hepburn so […]

LEFT: “Hepburn Pearls”, This is a unique hand finished print. Highest quality print on canvas. Hand finished in paint pen, acrylic, and ink. Signed. The stretched canvas is framed in black wood. Only 1 available. 80 x 60cm. SOLD

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