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The Daily Mail really go at him tooth and nail in the article (click above image for link) but often come up with some great points: One of the tragedies of all this is that young people even now are being encouraged by the art establishment to believe that self-promotion and controversy matter more than […]

Mixed media on card. 40x30cm. 2015. Sold. Another one for the Anti Con Art Series. In case you’re not sure. The pink kitch doggy thing as a famous sculpture by multi mega millionare uber vain Americana artist Jeff Koons. It’s called “Balloon Dog”. In this small drawing of mine it’s atop a hydraulic lift being […]

I’ve never been inspired by the dynamics that take place within the high end art industry. When the YBAs, very successfully circumvented the art establishment during the mid-nineties, they went on to install their own establishment (sort of like when one dictator overthrows another) which now has its own barriers to entry. To get in […]

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