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Bit of a message in this artwork. I used ballpoint pen and markers to draw this glitchy portrait of a tribal Amazonian shaman on a used Gucci bag. The glitch effect represents how the vulnerable native tribes around the world are fading away at this very moment. The factors threatening these precious cultures are mostly […]

The eagle here is tearing up a Nazi flag. It’s from an anti Nazi propaganda poster from WW2. A little more political than my usual ballpoint drawings but seems appropriate with the recent rise of the so called “Alt Right” in Europe & the U.S. Did you know that Hugo Boss saw a business opportunity […]

This is the most recent addition to my Audrey Hepburn series. That makes 12 in total. You can see all of them together here as a set on Flickr. That may be it now. I may not do any ore, although I have said that before. “Tiffany’s 2″, ballpoint pen, spray paint, & paint pen […]

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