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Recently provided a set of my special edition prints to help decorate a nice new flat in a very smart part of town. Photos below. Even created a new hand finished print for the client (“Twiggy”, above left). There are 3 in the special edition, more info here. Below is “Audrey Widnow” & “KM199X”, Large, […]

“Untitled Painting 1″. Collage and paints on canvas. 120x100cm. I used to mainly work on canvas many years ago until I really got into my ballpoint fine drawings. I let myself play around on one again with this artwork. I started by applying a Giclee print from a ballpoint drawing I did from a photo […]

Just finished this new artwork: “Audrey Swears”, ballpoint pen, paint pen, and spray paints on paper. 46x36cm (unframed). SOLD. Limited edition print release soon (December). So this new cheeky drawing of Audrey Hepburn giving it the middle finger ties in well with my other cheeky one (right), “Hepburn Gag”. I have a third one in […]

Above right image shows an artwork of mine in an Alternative Contemporary group exhibition at Muse Gallery, 269 Portobello rd, Notting Hill, W11 1LR. Show is on until End of June (open weekends too). Go check it out if in London. Details of my artwork: Hand finished “Hepburn Gag” XL Giclee print on canvas. AP […]

“Conceptualism”, Ballpoint pen, spray paint, and gouache paint on paper, 52x33cm (unframed), 2014. New original artwork. Audrey Hepburn is drawn in ballpoint pen and cartoon birdies painted in gouache paint, with spray painted background. First bird: “What is she trying to find out anyway?” Second bird: “If Conceptualism is real life or just make believe”. […]

“Speculative Realism”, Ballpoint pen and paint on paper, 82x72cm (inc frame), 2014. Audrey Hepburn is drawn in ballpoint pen and Bambi painted in gouache paint. One for my (new) Anti Con Art series. This artwork is my reaction to a saying I read by philosopher Graham Harman, on the condescendingly sounding subject of ‘Speculative Realism‘: […]

“Audrey Swears”, Limited edition of 50, 55 x 41cm Giclee print on 250gsm Fine Cotton, numbered & signed. £195.00 Prints are dispatched by Royal Mail Special delivery service with full tracking details provided. Below is a detail image (click to enlarge) and a photo of one of the prints framed.

This is the most recent addition to my Audrey Hepburn series. That makes 12 in total. You can see all of them together here as a set on Flickr. That may be it now. I may not do any ore, although I have said that before. “Tiffany’s 2″, ballpoint pen, spray paint, & paint pen […]

“Audrey Front”, Ballpoint pen, spray paint, acrylic pen on paper, 60 x 45cm, 2013, SOLD I have done a lot of Audrey Hepburn artworks. This is my latest. Right image you can see some of the stages of the work in progress. May do prints of this soon. Click images to enlarge.

“Hepburn gag” This artwork is one of my photo realistic drawings done in black and red ballpoint pens (BIC Biros). The top image shows three photos of me creating it. I’ve had a lot of mixed reactions to this artwork. It’s a departure from the kind of drawings I’ve done before of Audrey Hepburn so […]