“Speculative Realism”, Original Artwork

Wednesday , 10, December 2014 Leave a comment

Speculative Realism 1 in
Speculative Realism framed wip sml
“Speculative Realism”,
Ballpoint pen and paint on paper,
82x72cm (inc frame), 2014.

Audrey Hepburn is drawn in ballpoint pen and Bambi painted in gouache paint.

One for my (new) Anti Con Art series.
This artwork is my reaction to a saying I read by philosopher Graham Harman, on the condescendingly sounding subject of ‘Speculative Realism‘: “artists sound pathetically naive if they refer to their works as motivated by beauty.”
If you can’t read the speech bubble in the artwork, Audrey Hepburn is saying: “Oh Bambi! I wonder why Speculative Realists REALLY think this is too naive..!”.
I have recently written a manifesto regarding this anti Con Art movement I want to get rolling, which you can read here.

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