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My biggest solo exhibition to date “Grandly Grimey” had it’s opening on Thursday, 22nd September at Westbank Gallery, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London, W10 5XL
For photos from the opening party see this FB album here.

The artworks I exhibited worked to recontextualize classical ideas of power that were once portrayed through artistic movements such as Rococo into today’s urban counterculture.
I’m worked to subtly subvert these old elitist styles of beauty, not to dis respect or dishonour them, but to bring them into the contemporary landscape where anti establishment feelings are the new à la mode.’

  • There were over 20 artworks on show, the most unseen pieces I have ever exhibited.
  • Other than 2D work on paper, I also have caps, chairs, cushions, and clothes exhibiting
  • A new series of hand-finished limited edition prints were launched to coincide with the show, which you can still order here.
  • See one of the main artworks created from beginning to end on YouTube here.
  • Westbank Gallery is a new, huge exhibition space along with its own bar, kitchen, sitting area and balcony. The capacity is about 400 people & we aim to make full use of this!
  • Westbank Gallery is located by Portobello market, in between Ladbroke Grove & Portobello rd. More info here.
  • For a little more info on the background for this exhibition you can read this interview I recently did with here. The exhibition was even mentioned in Grazia magazine recently, see here.

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  • Robert Adam says:

    James is a uniquely talented artist of extraordinary skill. Luckily l was fortunate in seeing is original work at a gallery near Green Park, Piccadilly.
    Another peruse would be a pleasure if the opportunity arises.
    Kind Regards, Robert Adam.

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