“Samsara & The City” 178 Hour Original Artwork

Tuesday , 22, September 2015 1 Comment

Below is the full artwork “Samsara & The City”. 85x60cm. Pen & paints on card. SOLD
I created this over the course of 11 weeks (total of 178 hours) 10 weeks of that was drawing the city in ballpoint pen and fine marker. The 2nd longest I’ve spent on a work ever but also the first time I’ve combined photo-realistic pen drawing with abstract paintwork (at the top which obviously represents heaven).
More information after the detail image below.
The tired and burnt out Buggs Bunny just serves as a subject representing anyone/everyone running around during life getting stressed out over things that have no real meaning, whilst the things that really hold meaning tend to get neglected. That meaning is represented by the infinite sky which blends into heaven.
The Sky is the focus for a whole genre of my artworks which is called The Sky Series which you can browse here.
thCheck out a stylish short film about this drawing/painting and me as an artist on YouTube here (film by Adam Palmer).

This artwork will be the main piece I will be exhibiting at The Other Art Fair in mid October (East London).
Also as you can see below it is currently being displayed as a large poster on the platform at Regent’s park tube station (where people get on and off the tube for Frieze Art Fair. You may notice that the poster is missing the white drips from the clouds, TFL forced us to remove them from the poster because they thought it might encourage graffiti :)

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