“QE£10″ – New Collage & Ballpoint Artwork

Wednesday , 4, June 2014 2 Comments

Below is a new artwork I have just completed.
all progressOn the left here you can see the stages of creating it (you can click to enlarge).

This is a 2 layered artwork.
The top layer is a Giclee print of a £10 note which I had blown up to about 80 x 60cm.

In case you are wondering my printers actually looked up the terms & conditions with The Bank Of England for legal clarification and all seems fine, I’m told.
Anyway, from there I ripped out the part of the £10 note print that had the Queen’s head in. In the layer beneath, on paper, I drew (in ballpoint pen) a younger, better looking Queen Elizabeth 2nd. The drawing was done to blend in with the note above it, and shows through the ripped hole in the print.

The original is sold but limited edition prints available here.
QE10 framed

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