Photo Shoot 2

Thursday , 25, July 2013 2 Comments

On Friday 18th July (2013) I had the second photo shoot for my next solo exhibition. The idea is to create material from the shoots to work from to create artworks for my next solo exhibition, which will be at Rook & Raven Gallery. UPDATE: see here for info of the confirmed solo exhibition.
For most of my previous artworks I have relied on imagery I have found through photographers books or from online. This time I am creating the imagery from scratch with the help of photographers, stylists, and models. Generating the creative process from beginning to end.
For this shoot I was amazingly lucky to have some very serious professional people involved. The stylist, Laura Parkes who helped organize the shoot, had some amazing designer jewelry and clothes on loan direct from the designers. The photographer Roger Eaton, who worked alongside people like Andy Warhol in New York and has photographed Princess Diana, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and more! Our two models who are both with Models 1, were Magda Swider, and the international face of Nivea Jocette Coote! We also had make up artist Daniel Palmer, and three super helpful assistants Marjorie, Sabrina, & Viktoria.
I can’t release too many of the images from the shoot as I will be very busy over the coming months creating large original artworks from them.

The style of the artworks I am creating are through a combination of techniques that when joined together are completely unique & original to the art world. 8519976622_8b365aaaf2_cSimilar to this artwork (right) where a top layer which is a print from a photo has torn out sections revealing the bottom layer where I have drawn in ballpoint pen the parts torn out from above layer (with spray paints added to background).
That artwork was the first time I had exhibited the style (was kind of an experiment) and had great feedback from it, and Mick Hucknall from the band Simply Red bought it!
The difference with the ones I am creating from these shoots for the exhibition will be bigger, more colourful, have up to 3 layers instead of two, with more media added, and the photos would come direct from the shoots we have created!

Stay tuned here for news on when the show will be.

  • Jocette says:

    I can’t wait for the show! Looks like it will be a fantastic one :-)

  • Excellent idea James, working from your own photos.

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