I’ve created artwork along with artists as part of Olumide Gallery to help raise awareness on Climate Change.

The event, organised by Vivienne Westwood will feature other famous speakers and guests on the topic.

The artwork will be part of the event held at Fabric nightclub during London Fashion Week.
You can see the event here on eventbrite – tickets already sold out.

wipBased on an old photograph I found online a while back, I couldn’t find out who the woman is or even who the photographer.

I wanted to keep the distortion/pixelation/noise from the old photo in the drawing. This was challenging and different.
You can see from left photo, I used marker to add the effect to the image.

“Untitled – Chill”, ballpoint pen, markers, & paints on board”, 60x40cm.

I created, in collaboration with Mr Snappy’s, a limited edition of 10 Grandly Grimey themed JRM Art caps. A few are still available. Video showing a couple from the edition below.

Created this artwork for the group exhibition “Gonzo”, celebration Hunter S Thompson. The exhibition is on at Westbank Gallery, London, until the end of January. More information on the exhibition here.
“Chilled Hunter”, Ballpoint pen, markers, acrylic, spray paint on board, 62x62cm (inc frame).

For my solo show Grandly Grimey back in September I re painted & reupholstered 2 vintage arm chairs with “Grandly Grimey” themed designed fabric.

img_6075coverWas happy to receive my copy of the Finish Illustrators magazine Kuvittaja today, with the 6 page spread in it of my work and an interview one of their nice writers (Heini) did with me a while back.

It’s a beautiful magazine and my drawings look pretty slick inside, if I don’t say so myself.

I don’t speak Finnish and there is no translation of the interview available that I know of, but I’ll assume it’s complimentary.
I think it’s safe to assume that the main title reads “Photo-realism pioneer”, which is pretty cool :)

Just finished this drawing, which is the first original I’ve created in a couple of months (been busy exhibiting). I used a combination of techniques and media. Details:
“Just a Kiss” – ballpoint pen, fine markers, spray paint, & acrylic on board.
60x43cm (unframed). SOLD.
Click the image above to enlarge. Below are a couple of work in progress photos of me drawing it.
The drawing is based off a photo Helmut Newton took in his Paris studio way back in 1974.

Next exhibition I have work in is this big group exhibition at London Westbank Gallery (Notting Hill).
Running form 8th December 2016 until 31st of January 2017. For more info click the image below to be redirected to event and RSVP info,14925389_1355827757761574_9070532165617043719_n

latest Girl With Prada Sunglasses (canvas) framed -V SML
“The Girl With The Prada Sunglasses (Hand Finished Urban Version)”.
106x80cm (inc frame).
Hand finished Giclee print on canvas. number 2 of 2.
Make contact here for more information.

I originally drew the image of “The Girl With The Pearl Earring” in ballpoint pen a few years ago for BIC (check out the video here). For this version I added a background digitally then printed it onto 400gsm canvas, added the Prada sunglasses in acrylic paint as well as the graffiti stuff in spray paints, markers, and squeezers. The first one only had the sunglasses painted on and sold in Ibiza this summer. This is the last and only one like this.

queen-in-the-hood-2-v-sml“Queen In The Hood 2″,
Ballpoint pen, paints, and collage on board,
60x45cm, SOLD.

Another one in the style of Grandly Grimey, and just like the one before it “Queen In The Hood”, this artwork is based on an early image of Queen Elizabeth II. I created it for a group show that’s just gone.

I’m enjoying creating artworks like this where it’s a cross between a sincere portrait and a stylised, abstracted, mash up of my designs, patterns, ‘branding’ bits etc.

I’ve entered it into the Royal Society of Portrait Painters open competition.

Expect to see more like this type of work from me in the future :)