Did this ballpoint and marker drawing of Natalie Portman from the film Leon on a mini Chanel gift bag. Carrying on from the “On Lux Bag” series I’ve seemed to have conjured up. This however is a bit more random, whilst the others (see previous posts on this blog) have a more political message…
“Open The Door”,
ballpoint pen & marker on used Chanel bag,
35x24cm (including frame)

This is a dancing/jumping Maasia tribal warrior drawn in ballpoint pen onto a used Gucci bag (framed above, work in progress below). I drew him in this glitched out way to represent how the vulnerable native tribes around the world are fading away. It’s drawn onto a Gucci bag as it represents how our consumerist culture is partially to blame for this fading away of vulnerable tribal lives and traditions.
“Fading Tribalism On Gucci 2″
Ballpoint pen on used Gucci bag,
52×36 (including frame)

IMG_5832Just to let you know now, out of the limited edition of 50, only 5 SOLD OUT “Eyes Wide Shut” prints now remain.

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Bit of a message in this artwork.
I used ballpoint pen and markers to draw this glitchy portrait of a tribal Amazonian shaman on a used Gucci bag. The glitch effect represents how the vulnerable native tribes around the world are fading away at this very moment. The factors threatening these precious cultures are mostly driven by Western Capitalism which is primarily driven by our own consumer society.
Are we brave enough to choose between our desire for nice things and keeping these cultures and wider environment safe.Gucci-art-mylne
“Fading Tribalism On Gucci 1″
Ballpoint pen & markers on used Gucci bag,
70x50cm (including frame)

Recently I was impressed at how well ballpoint in came out after drawing on a shopping bag so I decided to take the next step and go multimedia on luxury shopping bag. Check out the video showing the making of it at the end of this post.
As above you can see I’ve used ballpoint pen but also markers and spray paint creating a glitchy artwork of Bonnie Parker (from Bonnie & Clyde). She was a confident young pretty lady with spare cash but probably wouldn’t be the type for La Perla, which is a little ironic I suppose hence the glitchy effect.
Some interesting things about Bonnie you may not know:
She was only 24 when she died
She loved poetry & literature
When she worked in a cafe she donated food to the homeless after her shifts.
Her first crime was helping break her lover out from jail.
She died in a a hail of machine gun fire in a police ambush after a high speed car chase.

“Bonnie On LA PERLA”,
Ballpoint pen, markers, & spray paint on La Perla bag,
52x46cm (framed)

His name was Red Cloud. He was an important leader within the Sioux tribe based in Dakota – where the Oil pipeline protests at Standing Rock have been taking place in recent months.

When I began the artwork there was hope for the water protectors in North Dakota, but recently President Trump and the Army Corps have chosen to ignore the law and allow construction to be completed on the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline did not receive a full environmental review and it will be built without legitimate consultation of the Native American tribes whose water is in danger.

I purposely drew Red Cloud in the way his image appears glitched (click image to see larger). The glitching represents the erosion of his people’s rights he fought and died for long ago, but also the erosion of our environment as a whole by short sighted capitalists.
You can help the protestors at Standing Rock now, read up here for more information.
I created this artwork for an exhibition in collaboration with Climate Revolution, GCU & The Body Shop. (Proceeds donated to Fuel, Poverty, Action).
The show is called ‘Switch’ & opened on the 20th February, during London Fashion Week, part of Vivienne Westwood’s event at Fabric (down the road from the show) raising awareness for Green energy.
A poster of the artwork also went up in Grand Union Station in Los Angeles around the same time as part of Art Below’s first venture out there. More info here.

Left: Up as a poster in LA. - Right: the original showing with Olumide Gallery

Left: Up as a poster in LA. – Right: the original showing with Olumide Gallery

“Red Rock @ Standing Cloud”,
Ballpoint pen, markers, inks, paints, & collage on board.
60x43cm (unframed) – 80x63cm framed. 2017

Fresh In Gres V SMLThis drawing is a bit of a return to my Vintage Vogue series.

I worked from a photo taken by Louise Dahl-Wolfe in Tunisia, 1950.

“Fresh In Gres”,
Ballpoint pen, marker, & spray paints on card
35x31cm (unframed).
2017. SOLD.

Couple of my artworks going to Los Angeles for a public instillation event type exhibition as well as into a gallery nearby in West Hollywood, organised by
Some other artists include D*Face, Ben Eine, Hayden Kayes, and Nettie Wakefield.
For more info check out the on Art Below here.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.55.19
Nine years ago this week was my first public exhibition with a gallery, and the first ever photorealitic ballpoint art exhibition in history!
To be clear, I use the word photorealistic here. People had exhibited artworks done in ballpoint before my solo show in 2008 (Lennie Mace springs to mind) but I’m sure my photo/hyper realistic drawings in ballpoint were the first of their kind to ever be exhibited.
Now of course there are many photo realistic artists exhibiting worldwide and that’s great. A great site to keep up to date with how the movement is currently doing it’s thing is The

Hepburn Gag drawingOut of the limited edition of 80 , only 5 only 3 “Hepburn Gag” prints now remain.

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