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Tuesday , 24, November 2015 1 Comment

untitled painting 1 2015 v SMALL copy“Untitled Painting 1″. Collage and paints on canvas. 120x100cm.
painting-over-audrey-hepburnI used to mainly work on canvas many years ago until I really got into my ballpoint fine drawings. I let myself play around on one again with this artwork.
I started by applying a Giclee print from a ballpoint drawing I did from a photo of Kate Moss a while back. I pasted it down (using multiple layers of Matt Medium) onto the canvas along with a small print out from some computer editing was doing to an image of Audrey Hepburn (my 2 favourite muses).
Painting in main roomThe editing image of Audrey represents the art-working process I go through with most of my work, and the Kate Moss one from a drawing I did on paper is part of how I like to mix up different areas of art. I blend fashion photography with fine drawing by spending weeks using permanent ballpoint to create photo realistic artworks, and then I create a limited edition Giclee print from that only to then apply one to canvas a paint over it…
I then got down to some playful abstract painting using acrylic paint, krink ink, and spray paint. Generally I just maintain a positive, creative mood whilst painting like this. It’s an organic process. For me it has a Summer London vibe in it. Both ladies are English, but the lollies and the flyers de lis on the ends of the straight lines are like nice flower boxes behind smart ratings in West London. Anyway, I spent about 10 days on it in total, and I love it :)

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  • Marika says:

    Enjoyed reading about your artistic process!

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