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Sunday , 4, February 2018 Leave a comment

Breakfast-At-Tiffanys,-Icon-Censored-SMLI’ve recently done this style of striking out the eyes of my subjects on prints from original drawings of mine, but this is the first time I’ve done it all in one original. Obviously I did it here to a very iconic image of Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast At Tiffanys”.
I made sure to photo-realistically draw her eyes properly in ballpoint as I usually do before then adding the strike through with permanent markers (see video below for the step by step process). So, what’s happening here is that I’m evolving from my ordinary ballpoint drawings of stars from the past with my own type of visual commentary on the subject.
By striking through the eyes (eyes denoting identity) I’m kind of censoring the image, or more specifically, I’m censoring the ‘iconicness’ of the image or the ‘famousness’ of the subject. She’s a star, she’s a celebrity – but I’m kind of sick of how our society values fame and celebrity of the superficial type so highly. Of course she was a talented actor, a beautiful person inside and out, she was also a philanthropist and mother. I’m a fan. I don’t believe however that people should aspire so hard to reach this iconic status she achieved just to be famous. We know people do, especially in today’s culture where everyone wants to be famous. Selfies are somehow cool, and if your not a narcissist you’re not relevant. That’s what I’m addressing with this artwork and the series as a whole. More after video below…

As you can see in the video once I strike out the eyes in White I add my JRM tag (JRM = James R Mylne). So I replace her identity with mine – but only temporarily as I then strike through mine also. This is kind of acknowledging that I am not necessarily any better than the people I feel are misguided by mindlessly aiming for superficial fame. An artwork isn’t necessarily a statement of an enlightened position, it’s evidence of an artist visually working through issues they find interesting… everything is a process.
“Breakfast At Tiffanys, Iconic Censorship”,
Ballpoint pen, marker, & spray paint on card,
30x30cm (unframed) – 58x58cm (framed size)

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