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Monday , 13, February 2017 Leave a comment

His name was Red Cloud. He was an important leader within the Sioux tribe based in Dakota – where the Oil pipeline protests at Standing Rock have been taking place in recent months.

When I began the artwork there was hope for the water protectors in North Dakota, but recently President Trump and the Army Corps have chosen to ignore the law and allow construction to be completed on the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline did not receive a full environmental review and it will be built without legitimate consultation of the Native American tribes whose water is in danger.

I purposely drew Red Cloud in the way his image appears glitched (click image to see larger). The glitching represents the erosion of his people’s rights he fought and died for long ago, but also the erosion of our environment as a whole by short sighted capitalists.
You can help the protestors at Standing Rock now, read up here for more information.
I created this artwork for an exhibition in collaboration with Climate Revolution, GCU & The Body Shop. (Proceeds donated to Fuel, Poverty, Action).
The show is called ‘Switch’ & opened on the 20th February, during London Fashion Week, part of Vivienne Westwood’s event at Fabric (down the road from the show) raising awareness for Green energy.
A poster of the artwork also went up in Grand Union Station in Los Angeles around the same time as part of Art Below’s first venture out there. More info here.

Left: Up as a poster in LA. - Right: the original showing with Olumide Gallery

Left: Up as a poster in LA. – Right: the original showing with Olumide Gallery

“Red Rock @ Standing Cloud”,
Ballpoint pen, markers, inks, paints, & collage on board.
60x43cm (unframed) – 80x63cm framed. 2017

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