New Original – “Corporatocracy”

Wednesday , 14, January 2015 Leave a comment

3 wip across thinner s
Above: some photos showing the ballpoint drawing work in progress.
Below: “Corporatocracy”. 32x24cm (unframed). Ballpoint pen & paint on paper. Sold.
More info after image.
This is my first ever politically inspired artwork. Here, fashion model, Cara Delevingne has suddenly been struck by an ‘info bomb’.
“Who are @anonymous & WTF … even is a #Corporatocracy !”
Well, if you don’t know you need to get to know. This is the real reality that exists out of mainstream media.
Lurking beneath the easily digestible and generally accepted concept of modern capitalist society is a much darker and uncomfortable reality that we are not really encouraged to dig into. Once you start to scratch the surface of it, the rabbit hole opens up and begins to shake your shallow understanding in a sincerely disturbing manner.
Below is a short video to help show you what lurks beneath. Or watch the award winning documentary (for free on YouTube) The Corporation for more in depth info.

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