New Original – “Audrey Swears”

Thursday , 5, November 2015 Leave a comment

Just finished this new artwork: “Audrey Swears”, ballpoint pen, paint pen, and spray paints on paper. 46x36cm (unframed). SOLD.
Limited edition print release soon (December).
Hepburn-Gag-VsmlSo this new cheeky drawing of Audrey Hepburn giving it the middle finger ties in well with my other cheeky one (right), “Hepburn Gag”. I have a third one in mind, which I will start quite soon.
UPDATE: I have now released an affordable limited edition print of this artwork. Limited to only 50, numbered & signed Giclee prints. Which you can view to order here. Below is cheer image from a video of two guests at a recent exhibition getting into the ‘Audrey Swears’ mood, next to one of the framed prints on show.

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