“Monroe Gag” – New Artwork, Drawing

Thursday , 14, January 2016 Leave a comment

Marilyn Monroe ball Gag
“Monroe Gag”,
Ballpoint pens, fine marker, & Krink ink on paper,
35 x 30cm (not inc frame) | 60 x 50cm inc frame,
2016. SOLD

This is my first ever drawing of Marilyn Monroe. Progress photos below.
munroe gag drawing 3 sml
I obviously created this one as a follow on from my Audrey Hepburn ball gag drawing “Hepburn Gag”.
If you ask why draw her like this, I might try and say something intelligent sounding like “subverting un-Photoshopped, vintage iconic ‘pure beauty’ by re-contextualising it with a modern, underground cultural twist brings it up to date and explores a new naughty identity for the subject” – but that might just be BS… I mean, Hasn’t she been covered in so many ways? Why not try a new more wild and adventurous one?

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