JRM Artworks Up On The Underground

Wednesday , 27, September 2017 2 Comments

james-mylne-art-donald-trump-london-tubeFor the month of October, 2 artworks of mine are up as large posters on the platforms of Regent’s Park tube station (London). Regent’s park because this is the station used by the people who come from all over the world to attend the internationally recognized Frieze Art Fair (4th – 8th October).
Above is me being smug next to the bigger of the 2 posters, of my artwork “A Crying Shame”, which I completed recently, more info on the artwork here.
Below right is the other poster, of my artwork “Marie Anne-Twist”, the version on the poster though is of one of the hand finished prints i released a limited edition of (each one is different, only 5 left!, you can order one here). Below left is one of them framed on exhibition currently with ArtBelow.org.uk who organized BOTH the art posters & the exhibition.Marie-Anne-Twist-HF-poster-on-tube-&-print-framed

  • Stuart Munro says:

    Your work is absolutely superb and I enjoy looking at it very much. One point: You never replied to me about the use of a tortillon.

    • James Mylne says:

      Thanks Stuart.
      I replied to first email, I still hadn’t tried a tortillon though after receiving your second.
      Thanks also for your comment on the Clint Eastwood drawing. Best regards, James

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