Group Exhibition in New York

Thursday , 13, October 2016 Leave a comment

Just got back from spending a week in New York for the opening of a big group show I had a bunch of artworks in called The London Ibiza Collective. Organized by artist Kimberley Thomas & Curator Danny Rose, 10 artists from London and the party island of Ibiza, showed our work at S Artspace Gallery, by Little Italy, Manhattan.web1As you can see above, the opening (6th October, 2016) was a busy event. 3 of my artworks on show are in the middle image above, a “Hepburn Gag” print, a new original drawing “McQueen & MacGraw”, and a “McQueen” special edition canvas print (now sold out). The funky eye painting is by renowned street artist My Dog Sighs, who was fun to hang out with out there, as were the rest of the LIC crew. Lots of late nights and great chats :)
Other artists involved were: Paul Mcgowan, Mason Storm, Kimberley Thomas, Victor Spinelli
Hjordis Fogelberg Jensen, Leigh Hammett, Anna Louise Anderson, Julio Neto, Czee 13

For more photos from the exhibition including artworks and from the opening click the image below.

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