“Marie Anne-Twist” – Hand Finished Special Edition Print Release

Friday , 23, September 2016 Leave a comment

“Marie Anne-Twist”
Hand finished Giclee print (hand finished in mixed media) on Somerset paper
Limited edition of 15 (only 5 left), 43 x 34cm, numbered & signed,

Each one is hand finished in a slightly different way, making each one unique.
Above left is one framed and on show. Above right is one as a XL poster displayed at Regent’s Park station.
As you can see below each one starts with nothing but a gray background, I then apply hand finishing with spray paint, markers, crayons, pens, and acrylic etc on the inside edges around her image.
If you would like to purchase one of the 15 contact me here.
The original drawing is sold. The prints are a bit bigger than the original drawing, created in ballpoint pens, which you can watch the creation of below:

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