“Crying Shame” – Drawing of Donald Trump

Wednesday , 16, August 2017 2 Comments

Crying Shame (SML)drawing-donald-trump-shame-cryingVery rarely do I get political with my work but this guy had it coming.
I think it speaks for itself.
I created it in ballpoint pens & spray paint (for the background) on paper. Couple work in progress photos left, click to enlarge.

40x30cm (unframed). 2017. Sold.

  • Robert says:

    Mr mylne i was a follower of your work jut now i want younto remove me from your news letter i take offense of your crying shame portrait of my countries president
    You no place to criticize another countries leader
    You dont respect my president i do not respect you any longer

    • James Mylne says:

      Well, I’m sure you also respect your countries right to free speech. Art is a form of expression. Also unfortunately even though he is not my president his actions will have an impact on ALL OF US.

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