“Conceptualism”, original Artwork

Friday , 19, December 2014 1 Comment

Ballpoint pen, spray paint, and gouache paint on paper,
52x33cm (unframed), 2014.
ballpoint biro drawing
New original artwork. Audrey Hepburn is drawn in ballpoint pen and cartoon birdies painted in gouache paint, with spray painted background.

First bird: “What is she trying to find out anyway?”
Second bird: “If Conceptualism is real life or just make believe”.

Another for my (new) Anti Con Art series.
I have recently written a manifesto regarding this anti Con Art movement I want to get out there, which you can read here.
Conceptualism framed

One Comment
  • canvas print says:

    When i was a kind i used to experiment will ball point pens and pencils. i loved the style you could create with a ball point pen. its very different to anything else out there.

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