My Artwork, On The Catwalk !

Thursday , 30, July 2015 Leave a comment

HG Jumper 1sml
Left is a new sweatshirt/jumper with my “Hepburn Gag” artwork on! The jumper is part of a new range for a new fashion label called Tailored Anarchy.

It was launched on the catwalk (see below photos) at a big art/fashion/music event in Ibiza called ‘Urban In Ibiza‘ a week or so ago.

I’ve played around with bespoke clothing with my art before but this is the first time an artwork of mine has gone onto designer clothing.

There is a limited edition T-shirt version of it being made up at the moment too, but it has something a little extra going into it. That’s coming soon so check back for that and info on how to order one, soon!
HG Jumper Catwalk 2 imgs sml

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