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Luxury brands like @CHANEL could be responsible for sending your pretty face to hell. #brandalism #adbuster #photorealism #contemporaryart — James R Mylne (@J_R_M) June 29, 2017 The link between desire and suffering is one of the main tenets in Buddhism. Get over it!

What happens when I'm stuck away from my drawing board #yourthefuckingman — James R Mylne (@J_R_M) May 16, 2017

Just to let you know now, out of the limited edition of 50, only 5 SOLD OUT “Eyes Wide Shut” prints now remain. If you want to order one of the last few use this page here.

Couple of my artworks going to Los Angeles for a public instillation event type exhibition as well as into a gallery nearby in West Hollywood, organised by Some other artists include D*Face, Ben Eine, Hayden Kayes, and Nettie Wakefield. For more info check out the on Art Below here.

Nine years ago this week was my first public exhibition with a gallery, and the first ever photorealitic ballpoint art exhibition in history! To be clear, I use the word photorealistic here. People had exhibited artworks done in ballpoint before my solo show in 2008 (Lennie Mace springs to mind) but I’m sure my photo/hyper […]

Out of the limited edition of 80 , only 5 only 3 “Hepburn Gag” prints now remain. If you want to order one of the last few use this page here.

I’ve created artwork along with artists as part of Olumide Gallery to help raise awareness on Climate Change. The event, organised by Vivienne Westwood will feature other famous speakers and guests on the topic. The artwork will be part of the event held at Fabric nightclub during London Fashion Week. You can see the event […]

I created, in collaboration with Mr Snappy’s, a limited edition of 10 Grandly Grimey themed JRM Art caps. A few are still available. Video showing a couple from the edition below.

Was happy to receive my copy of the Finish Illustrators magazine Kuvittaja today, with the 6 page spread in it of my work and an interview one of their nice writers (Heini) did with me a while back. It’s a beautiful magazine and my drawings look pretty slick inside, if I don’t say so myself. […]

Next exhibition I have work in is this big group exhibition at London Westbank Gallery (Notting Hill). Running form 8th December 2016 until 31st of January 2017. For more info click the image below to be redirected to event and RSVP info,