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His name was Red Cloud. He was an important leader within the Sioux tribe based in Dakota – where the Oil pipeline protests at Standing Rock have been taking place in recent months. When I began the artwork there was hope for the water protectors in North Dakota, but recently President Trump and the Army […]

This drawing is a bit of a return to my Vintage Vogue series. I worked from a photo taken by Louise Dahl-Wolfe in Tunisia, 1950. “Fresh In Gres”, Ballpoint pen, marker, & spray paints on card 35x31cm (unframed). 2017. SOLD.

Been having fun on a Microsoft SP4 tablet creating an intricate digital drawing (from a Francois Boucher painting) which I then put through a JRM video art filter. Check it out below.

The eagle here is tearing up a Nazi flag. It’s from an anti Nazi propaganda poster from WW2. A little more political than my usual ballpoint drawings but seems appropriate with the recent rise of the so called “Alt Right” in Europe & the U.S. Did you know that Hugo Boss saw a business opportunity […]

A funky small new drawing I did recently. The first of 2017 even. “Sex, Art, Magic”, Ballpoint pen, marker, spray paint, pencil on card. 44x35cm (inc frame). SOLD

Based on an old photograph I found online a while back, I couldn’t find out who the woman is or even who the photographer. I wanted to keep the distortion/pixelation/noise from the old photo in the drawing. You can see from left photo, I used marker to add the effect to the image. A bit […]

Created this artwork for the group exhibition “Gonzo”, celebration Hunter S Thompson. The exhibition is on at Westbank Gallery, London, until the end of January. More information on the exhibition here. “Chilled Hunter”, Ballpoint pen, markers, acrylic, spray paint on board, 62x62cm (inc frame).

For my solo show Grandly Grimey back in September I re painted & reupholstered 2 vintage arm chairs with “Grandly Grimey” themed designed fabric.

Just finished this drawing, which is the first original I’ve created in a couple of months (been busy exhibiting). I used a combination of techniques and media. Details: “Just a Kiss” – ballpoint pen, fine markers, spray paint, & acrylic on board. 60x43cm (unframed). SOLD. Click the image above to enlarge. Below are a couple […]

“Queen In The Hood 2″, Ballpoint pen, paints, and collage on board, 60x45cm, SOLD. Another one in the style of Grandly Grimey, and just like the one before it “Queen In The Hood”, this artwork is based on an early image of Queen Elizabeth II. I created it for a group show that’s just gone. […]