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The Limited edition of 80 sold out recently but there are a few numbered APs (signed) that were put aside left. 5 AP prints (numbered & signed) – 4 remaining. 80 x 60cm, Giclee print on Fine Art cotton paper, 250gsm, £350.00 For more information on this artwork, you can view it here.

“Bunny Monroe″, Limited edition of only 35, 70 x 55cm, Giclee print on 250gsm Fine Cotton, Numbered & signed. £250.00 Prints are dispatched using next day signed for delivery with tracking (UK only, international deliveries about 1 week). Below are work in progress photos of the original being drawn in ballpoint by James. The prints […]

Really enjoyed doing this one (inspired by a photo by Helmut Newton), I drew the car using graphic outlines (see below left image) and her in normal photorealistic style so as to differentiate between the two slightly. Also just loving the retro summer vibes. Frame came out well too “Summer of 83″ Ballpoint pen, spray […]

It took a long, long time to get this done right. Custom made, highest quality, durable, LED Lightbox. The original artwork was drawn by me in ballpoint (see left image) a few years ago. The limited edition Giclee prints sold out very quickly, then the limited edition canvas prints of it sold out. The last […]

Very happy with this new medium sized drawing I’ve just completed. It was an exercise in tonal gradients and capturing contrast. I used ballpoint pen for her body, paint pen for her swimsuit and shades, spray paint for the skylike background and pencil for the folded paper sheet she’s shielding herself from the sun with. […]

Honored to be invited by the curator of Coya members club in Mayfair to exhibit my work. A mix of originals and a few prints are in the public restaurant/bar downstairs and the very slick members rooms above. Had a great private view there on Tuesday 9th May. Didn’t really get enough photos, but privacy […]

A continuation of my new “On Lux Bags” series (view them all here). I’ve drawn Mia Wallace (Uma Therman in Tarantino’s 90s cult classic hit Pulp Fiction) in ballpoint pen and marker on this used small Chanel gift bag. These are really fun to create and having talked to a few people they seem to […]

Haven’t done a normal Black & White drawing for a while (ballpoint pen & paint pen). I don’t think Marilyn Monroe was ever a Playboy bunny but she’d probably make a great one, so I gave her the ears. I’m subtly subverting the vintage Vogue icon but in more of a playful than disrespectful way. […]

Did this ballpoint and marker drawing of Natalie Portman from the film Leon on a mini Chanel gift bag. Carrying on from the “On Lux Bag” series I’ve seemed to have conjured up. This however is a bit more random, whilst the others (see previous posts on this blog) have a more political message… “Open […]

This is a dancing/jumping Maasia tribal warrior drawn in ballpoint pen onto a used Gucci bag (framed above, work in progress below). I drew him in this glitched out way to represent how the vulnerable native tribes around the world are fading away. It’s drawn onto a Gucci bag as it represents how our consumerist […]