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"Coming to you from a better future where people aren't worshiped for strutting down a catwalk". 112x63cm. Hand finished print. Original artwork drawn in ballpoint. #katemoss #celebrity #famous #supermodel #fashionicon #fashion #luxury #ballpointdrawing #biroart #illustation #iconic #noeyes #id #identity #contemporaryart #urbanart A post shared by James Mylne (@jamesmylneart) on Jan 10, 2018 at 1:12pm PST

With the great help of Fine Arts London, I was able to exhibit a whole lot of new artwork at the cool & well located offices of property company Montagu Evans. I exhibited about 23 artworks (mostly originals) along side some amazing large works by acclaimed photographer Derrek Santini. The private view was on the […]

A few years ago I sold out of an edition of 100 prints of my artwork “Audrey”. I’ve decided to do a special edition of only 10 prints of “Audrey” but with a Gold gradient background and at a slightly larger size. SOLD OUT “Audrey Gold”, Special edition of only 10, 80 x 60cm, Giclee […]

So I’ve been busy over the last couple of months working on this stormtrooper helmet in ballpoint pen and markers. I covered it on Georgian, Baroque, and Rococo styled designs. In line with my Grandly Grimey series. ‘Baroque and Roll’  2017 Resin cast stormtrooper helmet, ballpoint pen and markers. 320 x 320 x 330 mm […]

Popular Instagram art account Taxcollection posted my recently finished artwork “Audrey Swears On Chanel”, quite stoked to see it now has almost 10,000 likes including, Paris Jackson even apparently. In the comments I noticed a few people thought is was some kind of advertising, or that the idea was to celebrate the Chanel brand somehow […]

Last week was the opening of ING Discerning Eye group exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London. The impressive gallery space in between Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace hosted a massive group exhibition. The show was organized by 5 separate curators who selected their own artists and artworks to exhibit. I was selected by street artist […]

Been working on this piece on and off for the last 2 or 3 months! This work represents my efforts to coherently combine all my different series of artworks into ONE. As with my Desktop Series artworks, it all started with playful bits and pieces. Doodles, marks, and colourful additions. Drawing (excuse the pun) from […]

Here’s a different kind of artwork for you. I don’t believe many artworks like this have ever been done… Ballpoint drawing of Audrey Hepburn from a scene in the film “Breakfast AT Tiffanys” on burnt card inside a burnt Tiffanys & Co sleeve bag. “Sunset At Tiffanys”, 15x9cm (unframed size). Sold.

Another new one for the “On Lux Bag” series” of artworks of mine. This one is different, it’s a 2 layer artwork, (so also one of my “Torn Series” artworks – [too concerned with classification??]). It’s a ballpoint drawing of Mia (from Pulp Fiction) doing cocaine, on board, inside a torn Tiffanys bag. Check out […]

I had 4 new original artworks exhibited at the Buy Art Fair in Manchester in association with Leon Martyn (@leonmartyn) last month. In above left image you can see them hanging next to big new Eine original. Each of my originals below. “Rise Above”, Ballpoint pen, spray paint, markers & crayons on card 30x30cm (unframed […]