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The use of pens (like ballpoints, which I use) in art is continuing to be recognised by wider audiences and even starting to be studied. For the past few years I’ve had many art students from GCSE to degree level contact me for help with their essays & projects. I even had someone from a […]

I had a funny interaction on Twitter with the most famous art critic in the world; Jerry Saltz. I just mentioned him in one of my tweets where I was joking about trolling him on his Instagram about conceptual art. He then favorited the tweet, which I think just means he found it slightly amusing, […]

Just in case you’re interested in the kind of artwork, ideas, and imagery that inspire me to create the work I do, I have a Pinterest board for where I place a lot of the stuff I like and kind of save in my head for introducing into my artwork later. Here is the link. […]

Not sure who made this or what it was made for, but I love it.

Here’s a 80 minute blend of some of my favourite tracks that I listen to when art-working. No pop music here. A lot of rare, underground vibes Underground Musical Blessings For Your Head (blend) by Jrm on Mixcloud

Enjoying these glitchy GIFs. Want to bring a bit of ‘glitch’ effect into the photo realist artwork I do, over time

I browse the web a lot for visually rich imagery to fuel ideas and general appreciation of what’s out there. The blogs I browse have many differing types of imagery. Some of the main blogs I use are listed below: OTAKU GANGSTA FFFFOUND! sekigan REPLOID DEATHJUNKIE* And, FYI, I have posted all of my favorite […]

I’m fascinated with modern scientific & technological developments. NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft launched 77 years ago. It achieved it’s mission goals and was then left to continue its trajectory outward to the dark corners of the solar system. Now over 40 years later, it has left the sun’s influence and has become the first piece […]

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