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I had a funny interaction on Twitter with the most famous art critic in the world; Jerry Saltz. I just mentioned him in one of my tweets where I was joking about trolling him on his Instagram about conceptual art. He then favorited the tweet, which I think just means he found it slightly amusing, […]

The Daily Mail really go at him tooth and nail in the article (click above image for link) but often come up with some great points: One of the tragedies of all this is that young people even now are being encouraged by the art establishment to believe that self-promotion and controversy matter more than […]

Mixed media on card. 40x30cm. 2015. Sold. Another one for the Anti Con Art Series. In case you’re not sure. The pink kitch doggy thing as a famous sculpture by multi mega millionare uber vain Americana artist Jeff Koons. It’s called “Balloon Dog”. In this small drawing of mine it’s atop a hydraulic lift being […]

“Conceptualism”, Ballpoint pen, spray paint, and gouache paint on paper, 52x33cm (unframed), 2014. New original artwork. Audrey Hepburn is drawn in ballpoint pen and cartoon birdies painted in gouache paint, with spray painted background. First bird: “What is she trying to find out anyway?” Second bird: “If Conceptualism is real life or just make believe”. […]

“Speculative Realism”, Ballpoint pen and paint on paper, 82x72cm (inc frame), 2014. Audrey Hepburn is drawn in ballpoint pen and Bambi painted in gouache paint. One for my (new) Anti Con Art series. This artwork is my reaction to a saying I read by philosopher Graham Harman, on the condescendingly sounding subject of ‘Speculative Realism‘: […]

I’ve never been inspired by the dynamics that take place within the high end art industry. When the YBAs, very successfully circumvented the art establishment during the mid-nineties, they went on to install their own establishment (sort of like when one dictator overthrows another) which now has its own barriers to entry. To get in […]

Oh yeah. So apparently there was another #TurnerPrize announced. Pretty sure no one who isn't pretending actually cares though still! — James R Mylne (@J_R_M) December 2, 2014

“Audrey Art Conned”, ballpoint pen and paint on paper. 95x65cm (unframed). Sold. Audrey Hepburn has been fooled by Con Art, and apparently while Bambi isn’t real, the people who believe in conceptual art, actually are! The pack of BS she’s about to buy is “Art In Theory”, click above image to see the sub text […]

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