“Any Moment Is A New Chapter”

Tuesday , 21, November 2017 Leave a comment

Any Moment Is A New Chapter SMLBeen working on this piece on and off for the last 2 or 3 months!
This work represents my efforts to coherently combine all my different series of artworks into ONE.
As with my Desktop Series artworks, it all started with playful bits and pieces. Doodles, marks, and colourful additions. Drawing (excuse the pun) from various influences and references.
Organically it began to evolve and I did my best to keep the playful styles to the borders. I then created the inner frame (leveraging the Georgian decorative style, which is from the period I used to create my Grandly Grimey series) to reserve an area in the middle for a central subject. I wanted the subject to have a timeless kind of feeling such as the content in my Classic Style drawings. The specific drawing was to be of a womans back (which features a lot in my Just Figures drawings). I was lucky enough to have a model on hand called Natasa Romanosvka, who allowed me to take a photo of her and draw from.
At the top is a hint of sky with drippy clouds that feature in all my Sky Series works.
The book being read by Natasa is The Tibetan Book of The Dead, the new chapter open is “The Great Liberation”. Buddhism has always been an influence on my life and art.
The idea for the title of this artwork “Any Moment Is A New Chapter” comes from a prayer that in full says: “In every moment is the possibility to find that last missing piece of the puzzle”. It’s referring to the notion that enlightenment can be reached at any moment.
“Any Moment Is A New Chapter”,
Mixed media on card, 56x52cm (unframed size), Sold.

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