Anti Nazi / Anti Fascist Artwork on Hugo Boss Bag

Tuesday , 24, January 2017 2 Comments

The eagle here is tearing up a Nazi flag. It’s from an anti Nazi propaganda poster from WW2.
A little more political than my usual ballpoint drawings but seems appropriate with the recent rise of the so called “Alt Right” in Europe & the U.S.
Did you know that Hugo Boss saw a business opportunity in the 1930’s and joined the Nazi Party & SS? He made loads of money supplying Nazis with clothing and uniforms etc. Now it’s hard to calculate how many innocent people died at the hands of Nazis wearing Hugo Boss.
Makes me wonder if those people pursuing business opportunities today, on the back of this creeping resurgence of Fascism will regret their small mindedness later, or whether we’ll have to pay for it and clean it up for them.
On a lighter note, I was surprised how well ballpoint ink applied itself to the surface of the shopping bag (see photos below). might try something similar again soon…
“Anti Fascist Doodle On Hugo Boss”,
Ballpoint pens on lux shopping bag,
60x50x15cm, 2017. SOLD

  • Martin says:

    James hi, massive fan of your work ,brilliant . Such an inspiration, could i ask which brand and type of paper you use please? Thank you , respect

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