Artist, James Mylne
James Mylne Summary
Lives: SW London.
Education: BA degree in Drawing and MA degree, Camberwell College of Arts, London.
Profession: Artist, Fine Drawing. Specializing in photo-realism through the use of ballpoint pens.
Gallery: Currently independent (previously with Rook & Raven Gallery).

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“I began drawing realistic artwork from an early age. Around the age of 14 I realized the benefits of using ballpoint pens over pencil.
From the age of 19 I was selling my ballpoint drawings. Back then I was one of the only people working in this medium worldwide.
At university my tutors were not too keen on my drawings, viewing them just as pretty pictures.
Since then it has grown in popularity and has begun to become a more acceptable medium within the art world.
In the last few years I have expanded on the technique to include other media such as spray paints, markers, inks, and even collage.
I have collaborated with professional photographers (including Roger Eaton & Terry O’Neil) and stylists for source material but I admittedly still ‘rip’ a lot of imagery from the web (welcome to 2015).
I’m influenced/inspired by several things; Buddhism, Science Fiction, Fashion, Street Art, areas of modern anti-Capitalism, Architecture, Japan’s historic feudal culture… blah blah blah.
I am wrestling with these differing areas of influence in my own way. I am bringing them together all at once in some artworks and focusing in on certain ones in others. One of these days they will come into cohesion in my own effortless way.”


Notable Points

  • He was recently featured on BBC London news with exhibition coverage and an interview. View on YouTube here.
  • James is considered a “pioneer” for the ball-point art movement/medium.
  • One drawing can take between 25 – 100 hours to complete. The biggest of his drawings took over 300 hours.
  • Being ballpoint pen, you can’t rub out or paint over mistakes. Basically you can’t make a mistake.
  • His first solo show at The Conningsby Gallery in 2008 was the first ever exhibition in the UK showing photo realistic ballpoint artworks – possibly Europe. To date he has had 4 public solo exhibitions, the next is currently being prepared, more here.
  • Only artist in the world creating art using both ballpoint and spray paints together.
  • Worked for Bic (maker of the pens he uses) to create a video of him doing one his artworks that now has had over 700,000 hits on YouTube. See the video here.
  • James has collaborated with famous photographers such as Terry o”Neill, Ex Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman, and Roger Eaton.
  • His most celebrated artwork is that of Audrey Hepburn, titled “Audrey”. The video showing the making of which is shown below.

More information on Wikipedia’s page for James here.


Below are some images summarizing some press coverage of james Mylne art over recent years:

Interviewed live on BBC Blue Peter. 2012

Interviewed live on BBC Blue Peter. 2012

Expansive online & print coverage for solo show 2012.

Expansive online & print coverage for solo show 2012.

Featured video on BBC website. 2012

Featured video on BBC website. 2012

Bond artwork shown live on ITV news, London. 2012

Artwork shown live on ITV news, London. 2012

Front cover of Addlib magazine. 2011

Front cover of Addlib magazine. 2011

Front cover on K9 magazine. 2010

Front cover on K9 magazine. 2010

Interview & work shown on ITV London Tonight. 2010

Interview & work shown on ITV London Tonight. 2010

Work featured in Artists & Illustrators magazine. 2009.

Work featured in Artists & Illustrators magazine. 2009

  • julia macaulay says:

    Really would love to see your work. Dates, places. please.

  • Emma Furlong Hems says:


    My colleague just showed me your work, she’s a huge fan of it and it completely shut me up! We read that when you were at college your tutors thought your work was ‘just pretty pictures’. How wrong they were as you have amazing talent, also good for you for persisting to make the medium and use of the ball point pen look literally breathtaking . I too went to art college, BA + MA and was slated for focussing on screen printing – so what!

    Good luck in your burgeoning career.

    All the best

    Emma and MNV

    • admin says:

      Thanks Emma!
      Yeah – I had a problem with the way they (art college tutors) went about shoveling conceptual & abstract crap down our throats. They almost expelled me for saying it was all bullshit. I was annoyed I had to pursue my ballpoint artworks at home outside art college as if I was being naughty and doing something forbidden.
      Thanks again Emma and good luck with yourself!

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